How to find out if you could switch to a cheaper energy tariff

If you have debt on your energy account

Speak with your supplier and ask if you are on the best tariff for you. You may be able to switch to one of their other tariffs if there is a cheaper option.

Once the debt on your account is paid, you will be able to switch to another supplier (if you can find a cheaper option). Advice about getting back on top of energy debt.

If you are not in debt on your energy account

Check online using an energy comparison site like Uswitch. You will need to tell the site:

  • who your supplier is,
  • what tariff you are on, and
  • how much energy you use in a year.

You will find out all of this on your bill or statement.

If you don’t know who supplies your energy

To find out who supplies your electricity:

  • Visit and put in your postcode.
  • The website will tell you who your electricity network operator is (this is the company that owns the wires that carry electricity to your home).
  • Get in touch with your electricity network operator, and ask them who supplies your electricity.

To find out who supplies your gas:

Visit, and enter your postcode.