5 steps to get on top of household debt

Having a clear plan will make it easier to get out of debt. Here is a 5-step plan for getting on top of household debt.


Get in touch with your bill provider(s)

As soon as you know you will struggle to make your payment, let your bill provider know.

If they know what is happening, they can offer the best help. They may give you some time and space to get back on top of your money.


Make a budget

Making a budget helps you see:

  • how much money you have,
  • if you are spending more than you make,
  • and what you are spending it on.

You can find out how to make a budget here.

Once you have made your budget, you will be able to see how much you have left for repayments after you have paid your household costs.

Even if your budget shows you can’t afford your full payments right now, sharing it with your bill provider will show them how much you can afford to pay.


Make an affordable payment arrangement

An affordable repayment arrangement is where you and your bill provider agree on a new repayment amount you can afford.

You must only agree to pay what you can afford, after your essential household costs have been paid.

If you have no money left over in your budget, tell your bill provider. They will talk with you about your options.


See if you can get more money or spend less

Take a look at your budget to see if there is any way you could spend less.


Get professional advice (for free), if you need it

Free advice and support is available if you:

  • do all these steps but still can’t afford your debts,
  • feel unable to deal with your bill providers, or,
  • need practical or emotional support.

StepChange Debt Charity can:

  • make a budget with you,
  • work with you to make a plan to get out of debt,
  • speak with your bill providers for you.

They will talk you through all your options and support you until you become debt-free. You do not pay anything for their help.

Call StepChange Debt charity on 0800 138 1111, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, and Saturdays 9am to 2pm, or complete their online debt advice tool.