Find out if you can get more income in just a few minutes

Most years, £19 billion in benefits goes unclaimed. That’s a lot of people missing out on extra money.

Online tools make it easy to check if you could get new or more benefits. It’s a good idea to check a few times each year, and when things in your life change. This could be starting to earn less money, having a baby, or getting a medical condition.


How to do a benefit check

Before you begin, gather:

  • a list of benefits you already get (what they are and how much you get)
  • your housing costs
  • your bank statements (or your household budget, if you have done one)

If you have a partner who lives with you, get this information from them, too.

Then, choose from one of these benefits checkers, and follow the steps.

Citizen’s Advice can also work with you to check if you are missing out on benefits if you need a helping hand.