Extra support for life's challenges

There are many causes and complications of financial difficulties. Here, you’ll find places you can get support for some of the most common issues the people we help face.

If you’re having a difficult time and need to talk, or are worried about someone you know

The Samaritans provide a safe space for anyone to talk about difficult or troubling issues. They can support you with anything you are going through.

If you are struggling to afford food

If buying food for yourself and your family has become a struggle, you may be able to get help from a food bank.

To find out if you can, get in touch with Citizens Advice. They will assess your situation, refer you to a food bank if you are eligible, and offer the best support for you.

If housing issues are affecting you and you need help

If you have a housing issue you would like help with, Shelter can help.

Visit the Shelter website for online information, or to get contact details for emergency support.

Or, Citizen’s Advice can work with you to understand what is happening and offer the right support for your situation. You can find out more on the housing page of the Citizens Advice website.

If you need help with food, debt, money or housing issues

You can get advice and support from Citizen’s Advice. Find out how to get the help you need on the Citizens Advice website.

If you cannot afford to pay your rent in full, a rental deposit, or advance rent

Find out if you could get discretionary housing payments.

If you get this payment towards rent, advanced rent or a deposit, you do not have to pay it back. You can find out if you are eligible and how to apply here:

If gambling has become a problem for you or someone you know

For some people, gambling can create or complicate financial difficulties and mental health issues.

If you or a member of your household needs some help with gambling, you can get free, confidential support from GamCare.

If you need emotional or practical support to deal with a bereavement

Cruse offers free advice, support, and practical help to anyone affected by a bereavement. You can contact Cruse using the details on their website.

If you are struggling with relationship issues

You can get advice and information about improving relationships on the Relate website.

If you are disabled or care for a disabled person and need extra support

You can get advice from Scope online about many issues you might be facing.

They also offer support services for parents and carers of disabled children.

If you’re going through a tough time or need help to support someone’s mental health

Whether you need support or you want to find out how you can best support someone else, you can get information and support from Mind.

If you borrowed money from a Loan Shark

If you have borrowed money from a person or company and can say yes to one or more of the below, they might be a loan shark or illegal money lender.

  • Did they give you a cash loan?
  • Did they not provide you with paperwork?
  • Do the repayments add up to a lot more than you borrowed?
  • Have they frightened or threatened you?
  • Have they taken things from you until you can pay, like bank cards, your passport or benefit card, or other valuables?

If you think you’ve borrowed money from a loan shark, contact Stop Loan Sharks online or by calling 0300 555 2222.

If you need to get free from debt

You can get free advice and support that’s tailored to you from StepChange Debt Charity

Your Local Council

Your local council may offer a range of support, including housing, social care for adults and children, benefits and welfare, and health.