Ways your energy supplier may be able to help you

Common support needs

How suppliers can help

The shops are closed so you cannot top up and your credit has run out.

Friendly hours credit
This keeps your energy on if your credit runs out when the shops are closed.

You cannot afford to top up right now, and your credit has run out or will run 
out very soon.

Emergency credit 

This is a small amount of money to help you keep the heat and power on. You pay it back next time you top up.

You are in a particularly vulnerable situation, cannot afford to top up, and have lost your supply or will do soon.

Additional support credit
You might get this if you, or someone you live with, is particularly vulnerable. This could be because they rely on energy to manage a health condition, they are under five years old, or have a mental health condition.

You often struggle to afford to top up your meter(s). You need help to pay for energy and/or to spend less on energy (while staying warm and well).

Check if you are eligible for Government payments
If you don’t already get it, ask your supplier to check if you could get Warm Home Discount. Find out more about schemes that give you money towards your energy bills.

And, check if you are on the best tariff for you
If you aren’t on the best tariff, you might be spending more than you need to on energy. Your supplier can check this for you. Or, find out how to check you are on the best tariff online.

Too much of your top-up is paying off debt, instead of paying for heat and power. And, you cannot afford to pay more.

Affordable repayment plan
These are debt-repayment plans that suit your budget. You do not have to agree to repay more than you can afford. Find out more about affordable repayment plans. Or, 5 ways your supplier can help you get back on top of utilities debt..

Energy trust funds or similar schemes
Many suppliers have trusts and schemes to support customers struggling with arrears. These funds may be able to pay off some or all of your debt. You can ask your supplier about trusts and schemes available, and whether you are eligible. Find out more about supplier schemes to help reduce debt.

You need help to manage your energy accounts, or would need extra help in the unlikely event of a power cut.

The Priority Services Register (PSR)
This free scheme makes sure utility companies know:

  • if you need extra support from time to time or,
  • if a member of your household has a critical need for energy and would be at risk if your supply got interrupted.

If you are eligible, your energy supplier can add you to the PSR. Or, you can register yourself for free. Find out more about the PSR and how to apply.